Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Minka Kelly

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Named the sexiest woman alive 2010 by Esquire, I had to dedicate a post to her. Although I don't really agree with her being the sexiest alive, I do think that she is really cute. Now you might think, who is this girl and why have I never heard of her before? Well, apparently she is a surgical nurse turned actress. Going from working as a scrub nurse — treating gunshot wounds and the like — to playing the high school cheerleader in the television show Friday Night Lights and continuing to become the top choice for Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive 2010. Now I'll let you decide whether you agree with Esquire's choice for naming her the Sexiest Woman Alive 2010. Enjoy the video and hit the Read More to see the Esquire pictures and some more!


  1. so sexy i had to fap and boom everywhere!

  2. i dunno
    i don't find her all that sexy
    i mean, i wouldn't turn her away

  3. She's nice, but like all girls from tv, a bit too skinny :/ I mean we can see her ribcage D: (not sexy). Its a shame.